National Foot Golf Association
Est. 2018


If a Clancy goes walking through the woods with a ball, does anyone hear him?...

Q: What do I wear?

A:  Soccer or Golf gear or a combination of both.  Pants, shorts, skirts for bottoms. Polo, jersey, t-shirt, or long sleeves for top.  No tank tops or cutoffs.  Festive and fun is encouraged, just "keep it classy, San  Diego." 

 A:  Turf shoes, sneakers, or running shoes.  Absolutely NO CLEATS as it can ruin the course. 

Q: Do I bring my own Soccer Ball?

A:  Recommended, but you can rent or buy a ball at the course if supplies last.  A cool bonus is if you buy or use an OFFICIAL NFGA branded soccer ball, your team gets 1 mulligan at every NFGA event!   Boom!

Q: Is Alcohol and Music allowed on course?

A:  Umm.. YES!  Keep music level reasonable, not too vulgar, and don't get wasted.  Id's are checked at registration and no consumption by or sharing with minors AT ALL.  If caught doing so, giver and receiver will all be disqualified with a red card and must leave the course.  Remember this is a fun environment with friendly competition and meeting new people in a golf course environment.

Q: What happens if it rains and are there Refunds?

A:  If its a light drizzle, game on!  If cancelled by weather, entry ticket will be carried over to the rescheduled make-up date.  Rain-out declaration will be posted online a few hours before start time.

 A:  If event is cancelled, entrant has the option for a 50% refund.  Sorry, no other refunds but you can give/sell your ticket to a friend! 

Q: What's the advantage of a co-ed team?

A:  Guys tee off from the Men's tee and girls from the women's tee.  If there is no women's tee present, girl player may start 10 yards closer towards the hole from the Men's tee!  Since a team chooses the best ball on each shot, that can be the difference! 

Factoid: Our first beta season had men/s and co-ed teams and the 1st and 2nd place teams were both co-ed!

Q: What are the general rules of footgolf?

A:  Rules?!...WHAT rules!? -lol.  But seriously its basically golf with a soccer ball and common sense and courtesy.  Click here for general rules.