National Foot Golf Association
Est. 2018

Celebration of champions - el gatos tres!

Winner, Winner, Frothy Beer Dinner!

Congratulations Catherine Krom and Q Patel!  The ONLY Girl/guy combo team in the league!  2 years in a Row!

Celebration of champions 2

Slow motion for ya!

2nd place interview

Good season, Curevos!.. thoughts?...  Moises Abarca and Ricky Cazares!


Sacramento Summer League


Week 1  -  (6/11/19)

Shankapotamos  vs. You Gonna Learn Today  (2-3)

El Gatos Three     vs.  Shanks A Lot  (1 - 0)

BYE                             vs.  Cuervos

Week 2  -  (6/18/19) 

Cuervos                    vs.  El Gatos Three  (2-3)

Shanks A Lot          vs.  You Gonna Learn Today  (4-2)

BYE                             vs.  Shankapotamos

Week 3  -  (7/2/19)

Shankapotamos   vs.  Cuervos  (2-2)

El Gatos Three      vs.  You Gonna Learn Today  (1-4)

BYE                              vs.  Shanks A Lot

Week 4  -  (7/9/19)  - * Haggin Oaks

Shanks A Lot          vs.  Shankapotamos  (1-1)

Cuervos                    vs.  You Gonna Learn Today  (2-1)

BYE                             vs.  El Gatos Three

Week 5  -  (7/16/19)

El Gatos Three     vs.  Shankapotamos (1-0 *forfeit)

Shanks A Lot         vs.  Cuervos (0-4)

BYE                             vs.  You Gonna Learn Today

Playoffs  -  (7/23/19)

Championship       -     El Gatos Three vs. Curevos (3-1)

Sacramento's FIRST and ONLY Footgolf league.

William Land Golf Course.

Summer League Collage

FootGolf drives, putts, and kicks. Great clips by Ricky and Patita!