National Foot Golf Association
Est. 2018

About Us

  The National FootGolf Association is made up of business professionals, soccer players, and individuals who want to help grow and expose the game of footgolf to everyone.  We aid Golf courses set up tournaments, facilitate league creation, involve non-profits, and create great partnerships to accomplish that goal while keeping it fun and social.


We are inclusive and welcome all who want to be a part of this quickly growing recreational sport for youth and adults while having a lot of fun!  If you want to lead the charge in your city, we are happy to help you make the most of it; just drop us an email and we will get back to you.


Qaiser "Q" Patel



 Q built his limo company from grossing $0 to $700,000+ over 7 years.  Played semi-pro soccer for the Modesto County Cruisers and recruited by the Central Coast Roadrunners. With a high business acumen, proven track record, and a vast network he is well suited to run the NFGA and help your footgolf course succeed. 

Ryan Suarez


Division Director - Sacramento

Ryan comes from a rich soccer and business background spanning SJSU college soccer, Dallas Burn MLS soccer, and the US Men's National team.  He also runs a multi-location family business and coaches in the Sacramento Republic youth program.  Hi skills take the NFGA to the next level, just as his skills did on the field.

Ricky Cazares


Promotion Manager


As one of the OG's of the NFGA, Ricky  knows what's up!  A soccer player for 20+ years, avid traveler, and socialite.  He's the Ric Dawg, the stylin', profilin', limosine ridin', jet fjlying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n'dealin' son of a gun! lol.  Ricky funs the promotional events and staff so be sure to say  "wassup" when you see him out there!

Lindsey Moore


Division Manager - Hollywood


Baller, Boss, Badass!  Besides being ambitious, athletic, and intelligent, Lindsay is a force to be reckoned with.  She is a professional athlete with the women's Legacy Football League, a personal trainer, and philanthropist who gives back to the community.  the NFGA will always be fit and full of energy with her around.

Lou Bianco


Division Manager - East Coast


World traveler, fearless, and intelligent medical professional.  Lou resides in Pennsylvania but fell in love with California (who wouldn't) and adopted the Oakland Raaaaaiders as his team.  He has a passion for footgolf and sports business.  The National FootGolf Association is proud to have Lou on our team holding down the East Coast.

Rashelle Streckfuss


 Division Manager - Las Vegas

Smart, sporty, well connected, and tenacious!  Rashelle is an SF native who migrated to Las Vegas for a vacation and never moved back!  An accomplished craft cocktail bartender, events manager, Southern University of Georgia student, and CEO of Afterglow spray tan and beaut.  She also has 3 dogs and wanted everyone to know that- lol.




The NFGA is all about inclusion and anyone who wants to be involved, including courses, people, and pets, can be!  Anyone who downloads the free membership App or participates in our events gets a vote on certain items and has the chance to be on the NFGA Council!  If you want to help organize an event in your town, lets do it!  We look forward to having you as part of the team and thank you for Kickin' It with us!

Sally Edwards



As a successful athlete, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and catalyst for change, Sally is a powerhouse.  She is the founder of Fleet Feet Sports and grew it to 40 locations in 15 states and is currently the CEO of Heart Zones USA.  Don't challenge this "second most powerful woman in the sporting goods industry" to a marathon unless you want to get left in the dust!

Golf Course GM's

"Help us help YOU"

We're here to help you create more exposure, more use, and more revenues for your footgolf course by:


1. Consulting and help coordinating a large festival-like tournaments with media for maximum exposure. 


2. Connecting with our large network of soccer, business, community, and business networks.


3. Facilitate leagues for ongoing revenues and exposure for your course, the NFGA, and local orgs.


With our consulting we forecast:

· between 60 - 100+ more participants

· Exposure to 10,000+ more people.

· $3,000+ in revenues / 1-day-tournament

· $1,500+ in revenues / league

· 72 green fee sales / league

 Contact us today to set a meeting with your area rep and boost YOUR course's FootGolf revenue and fun!